Points To Consider with Kittens Before Contacting Us

Do you have time for a Tiara Teddy Bear Kitten, are you out for long hours each day? Our Kittens thrive on companionship

For all their glory a Tiara Teddy Bear Kitten requires 10-15 minutes daily grooming, can you afford that time daily for the life of your Teddy Bear Kitten?

Our Teddy Bear Kittens are house cats, can you make your house secure to prevent your cat from roaming?

Can you provide an outdoor secure space for your Kitten’s enjoyment?

Are you able to continue with pet insurance after the initial one month Tiara Teddy Bear insurance that we provide? Veterinary attention can prove very expensive if an unfortunate situation occurs.

Can you make suitable arrangements for your Tiara Teddy Bear Kitten whilst you are on holiday? Remember they are house cats and would become stressed in a cattery for any length of time.

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