“It was inevitable that a ‘Teddy’ would attach itself firmly to my heart strings and would have to stay here at ‘Tiara Teddy Bear Dogs’. This is the one Roly by name , Roly by nature, an absolute delight (As are all our ‘Teddies’), A real mummys boy, our mascot!!!”


“Just thought I would send some snap shots of Dolly Doggett, she is totally amazing and we love her to bits – can’t imagine life without her. She is so loving and friendly and has become the school childrens favourite dog! people I don’t even know shout her name as everyone knows DOLLY!! I am always being stopped and asked what sort of dog she is!”



Diva is our Alpine Teddy, living the dream in the Swiss Alps, here follows some of the rave reports from her devoted mum………
Diva’s daily ritual is walk in the morning with river or lake spa, then a long walk on the golf course after sun set….Nice terrace lunches inbetween. She is such a happy girl!!! Amazing Puppy…My Life revolves around her! I am soooooo grateful to you for the perfect match!!!!


Daisy is adorable and completely settled in, She is sooooo gorgeous (Despite of her foot fetish!).
Jack has gone off to University, Daisy misses him and often sits by has bedroom door. Here are some pictures of our beautiful Daisy, she’s quite a little madam but so cute, her favorite toy is a frisbee which she adores.
She met her sister Tilly who popped into our shop to introduce herself! Amazingly although they don’t live nearby, they share the same grooming parlour! Tilly and Daisy seemed to feel a real connection and played beautifully together; both were really upset when the visit ended.
Daisy is the light of our lives and adored by all who meet her we can’t imagine life without her”.

Miss Tallulah Belle

“Just thought I would take a moment to let you know how the last couple have months have been with Tallulah….. fantastic in a word!!
She is so much fun Annette. She has settled in really well and is of course totally spoilt. Everybody who comes across her loves her to bits and my friends little boy David who is 9 is besotted.
You were absolutely right though she loves to dig!! O my god!! the mess she has got into at times caked with mud head to toe. We’re having a conservatory fitted at the mo and you can imagine the mess its like a building site and Miss Belle is always in the thick of it!!
She definitely has a huge personality and thats what makes her so unqiue she is just so adorable. Elle and P are equally besotted…. P most definitely he loves her to bits
The broom is her favourite toy!!! She runs round the garden after it!!
Well nothing has changed she is still totally adorable and we all love her to bits, everyone loves her…… that face just melts you.”


Pasha is our travel bear, he travels the world with his owners in a fabulous camper van sending us postcards and news of his adventures, he has his own pet passport and has even waved at the queen!! I simply loves travelling on the back of a quad bike, goggles and all!!! Some messages from Pasha’s ‘owners as follows:-

Our Pasha Loves all the travelling, he’s a proper motor home Teddy loved by everyone on his travels! He has enhanced our lives, he’s a very bright little Teddy, always making us laugh with his funny little ways, he loves to sing and talk! When Ken reads the newspaper to get his attention Pasha will stand and put his paws on the paper to pull it down, he makes us smile! The quad bike Pasha just loves!! we can’t start the engine before he is begging to get on…!! He adores our travels overseas, Pasha also loves riding on our pedal bikes between his walks, he loves walking and doing different things. Pasha loves the sea and sand also all the people he meets, he’s a great swimmer! Our trips have taken Pasha to Spain for 10 days, over the Giants Causeway rope Bridge, Bushmills Distillery (Yes Pasha had a sip!) to name a few of his adventures. Pasha can do lots of tricks, he sings with me, he is the better singer!! He is our Super Dog who gives so much but asks for so little, we have got the best little Teddy, thank you Annette, Pasha is one in a million!! x



Coco has the kindest nature, she was our dream puppy and is loved by Lola and Tia,our two young daughters. From a puppy she was so easy to train and an absolute pleasure to take anywhere, she loves our camping holidays!! What can I say other than life with Coco is so wonderful we now have two other Tiara Teddy Bears Star and Pixie, life is entertaining and we would’nt have it any other way, Thank you for making our family complete!

Betsy Bear

Betsy Bear is the Teddy Bear that loves Teddy Bears!!!  She has quite a collection and can most lightly name them all!  Wash day  for Betsy also includes her Teddy Bear collection, all are hung up to dry supervised by Betsy of course!!  Betsy Bear rave review from her smitten Teddy Bear owners as follows:-

We could waffle on for ages about how wonderful our Betsy Bear is, here is our testimonial…….Betsy Bear is the sweetest natured little dog you could wish for, so intelligent she understands every single thing we say to her, she doesnt always do things if she thinks she may be missing out on something!  she is so adorable we love her to bits.  Betsy is always the first up to bed, she makes herself comfortable and we just fit round her!  Betsy moved into our house and straight away into our hearts, we are eternally grateful we were lucky enough to be her mum and dad.  Betsy has changed our lives and added a whole bundle of fun to our retirement.  Always up for her favourite game “Throw the Bear”, thats her little bear she has had form a tiny puppy, we throw him upstairs and she dashes up to push him down again with her nose, so cute!  Many many thanks to Annette


Lovely Lady was originally called Solo as she was the only pup in her litter, Lady leads the life of a true Lady with her wonderful family who regulary update me with wonderful photos and news of Lady’s adventures.  Here follows Lady”s family review…….What a wonderful young dogs Lady is, she is full of fun, never tired of loving, obedient and behaves very well with young and old.  Asha and I along with our family simply love her loads.  Thank you Annette for our Lady, she is so much part of our life.

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