About Us

‘Tiara Teddy Bear Dogs’ are unique to us and evolved through our quest to find the perfect companion dog for children and the elderly.

Research lead us to combine certain breeds to offset particular non desirable traits. Not to be confused or even compared to the adlib breeding and crossing of many pedigrees, we desired very specific qualities, a non-moulting, trainable and paramount low maintenance dog that are neither hyper nor yappy as with some toy/terrier crosses.

Our stock is carefully selected to produce puppies that are full of character, cute and clever with coats that are thick, soft, silk but not harsh, this makes for reduced grooming in comparison to other cross non-moult breeds. Our careful research and choice of breeding stock results in pets that enjoy good health and are long-lived being the ultimate companion for young and old.

A Tiara Teddy matures between 8 – 16 lbs. – 15 inches high, a study, robust, small breed , they are NOT handbag dogs!!!



Our Puppies

We are NOT intensive breeders and breed only when we have homes pre-set for our ‘Teddies’. We run a waiting list system and welcome enquires from prospective owners. We have NEVER and will NEVER be involved with puppy farming!

We DO NOT advertise our puppies for sale ANYWHERE!! Not on internet websites, in newspapers, not even on our own website, if you see Teddy Bears advertised they are no relation to our breed and should not be carrying our trade mark name!

Four and a half years research into breed types, temperament, health issues and lifestyle suitability enabled us to produce our wonderful breed, our work and breed name is protected by trade mark, this enables our owners to have confidence they have purchased a GENUINE Teddy Bear Dog. Contrary to popular belief our ‘Teddy Bear Dogs ‘do not carry any terrier, gun dog, bichon bloodline or are they bred to the American standard (Shih-tzu, Bichon cross) , they ARE NOT Daisy Dogs, Shishons, Zuchons or the likes of. ‘Tiara Teddy Bear Dogs’ maintain their ‘Bear’ like look into adulthood, a truely unique feature. BEWARE of imitations of which there are many! If its not a ‘TIARA’ it is not a ‘Teddy’

Our Tiara Teddy puppies are cuteness personified, soft, fluffy and totally irresistible, with character and charm which melts the heart.
Raised within a loving family environment amongst young children and a menagerie of small animals our Teddy pups receive individual care and attention, so vital as part of early socialisation. A fun and gradual introduction to the sounds and sights of a busy family household benefit our pups for their future homes.

Teddy pups leave us here vet checked, wormed to date, microchipped and with a very comprehensive puppy pack. We offer life long breeder assistance for every Tiara Teddy Bear dog we bring into the world and hope that all prospective owners will keep us updated on their Teddies progress.

Paramount every Tiara Teddy Bear pups ultimate aim is to provide companionship and to secure their happiness with this in mind we here at Tiara Teddy Bear Dogs need the assurance that our Teddy puppies will be provided with the company they seek throughout the day.

A Tiara Teddy Bear Dog will give many years of unconditional love and companionship and really are LITTLE GEMS!!

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