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About Our Teddy Bear Kittens

Tiara Teddy Bear Kittens are the result of a careful three year breeding plan to ultimately produce a kitten that will compliment our Teddy Bear Dogs unique qualities in character, temperament and “Teddy Bear”features. We have now achieved what we consider the perfect Teddy Bear Kitten, cuteness personified,total Purrfection!!
Our beautiful Teddy Bear Kittens are just adorable in every way,chocolate box kittens, perfectly suited to family life, not scratchers or spitters so ideal for families with young children (Supervised of course!). 

Tiara Teddy Bear Kittens have a calming, Therapeutic disposition which makes them the ultimate companion alongside our Teddy Bear Dogs for young and old, non aggressive with other animals, highly intelligent with “Teddy Bear” looks to completely melt the most steely heart!
Unlikemany cat breeds Tiara Teddy Bear Kittens are not independent and aloof, they crave human companionship, they are incredibly loving, intelligent,  fun,playful little characters without the hunt, prey instinct.   Our Teddy Bear Kittens are very well socialised, litter and scratch post trained, they will live harmonisously alongside dogs large and small often interacting with their canine friends, sharing beds and toys!
A low shedding beautiful Teddy Bear coat requires a daily comb to maintain their glorious appearance.

Our Kittens

At this point of reading you will probably have surmised we are a little different at ‘Tiara Teddy Bears’, we welcome genuine enquiries and request the first point of contact be via our kitten application form on this website.

On occasion when kittens may be available we will contact families who have taken time to contact us, chatted at length about why they consider themselves perfect for our kittens and placed themselves on our waiting list. We reserve the right to refuse any sale at any time if we consider the welfare of our kittens could be compromised.

If you are fortunate enough to pass our ‘scrutiny test’, we offer second to none back up and support for the life of your kitten. We love to receive news and photos and of course we offer reassurance and advice any time.

Our kittens leave ‘Tiara Teddy Bear Kittens’ very well socialised and with the following:
Genetically tested parents (Parents Langford tested)
Fully vaccinated
Parasite treated to date (Worms, fleas, ticks, etc.)
Microchip in new owner’s name
Spayed (Queen)
Neutered (Tom)
Insured for one month
Vet checked at least twice
Lifelong breeder support
A sample pack of the food they have been weaned on (a completely natural diet)
A fabulous GIFT pack with everything your kitten requires for the first month in his or her new home (other than food, see above).
A ‘Tiara Teddy Bear Kitten’ Kitten Advisory Manual.

Application Form

If you would like to be considered for a Tiara Teddybear Dog we kindly request in the first instance you submit this Application Form and we will contact you for a friendly chat. When a litter becomes available our first contact will be the families we have chatted with and assessed suitability.

We value your interest and will be honest and open whilst chatting. Please do us the same courtesy by not wasting our time if your interest is purely curiosity.

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