Points To Consider with Puppies Before Contacting Us

The familiar saying “A Dog is for life” is not to be taken lightly!  Our Teddy Bears are not just for their cute qualities and fun disposition! Some points for consideration: Do you have time for a Tiara Teddy Bear Puppy, are you out for long hours each day?  Our Teddies thrive on companionship .
For all their glory a Teddy Bear Dog  requires 10-15 minutes daily grooming, can you afford that time daily for the life of your Teddy? 
Teddies are companion dogs and tend not to roam, that said can you make your house secure and safe for a young puppy (A safe area without electric wires, small toys, cleaning agents, etc similar to keeping a toddler safe).
Can you provide an outdoor secure space for your Teddy’s enjoyment?
Are you able to continue with pet insurance after the initial one month ‘Tiara Teddy Bear Dogs’ provide? Veterinary attention can prove very expensive if an unfortunate situation occurs. Can you make suitable arrangements for your Teddy Bear Dog  whilst you are on holiday? Remember they are Companion dogs  and would become stressed in a kennel for any length of time, I would advise a home sitter, family member or friend to dog sit as a preference for a Teddy.
Are ALL family members ready for the commitment to a young puppy and happy to share their lifestyle with a dog? If you can honestly answer positively to all the above we look forward to you contacting us via our Application Form. Our Teddies are suited to  everyone BUT not everyone is suitable for our Teddies!!

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